Custom Clothing Manufacturers: Should I stay local, or go overseas?

A common debate from clothing brands - should we source clothing manufacturers locally, or go abroad? In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of either and where each might be best depending on your brands circumstances.

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Clothing Manufacturing in the UK vs Overseas

One common question always asked by clients is whether they should choose UK, or overseas custom clothing manufacturers. The truth is, there is no right, or wrong answer with this- it all depends on the brands requirements and what they're looking for. One big thing to consider is budget; using custom clothing manufacturers in the UK is always going to cost more, both per unit and overall as the MOQs are likely to be higher than those overseas.

Avoiding the Overseas Pitfalls

I personally went abroad for my first line and have ever since, and I've never experienced any issues with doing so. That being said, there are some things you need to be aware of when going abroad and the main thing is make sure you're not getting scammed. It's very easy for a supplier to seem genuine from the outlook, and samples are exactly what you need but when you go to send them the production money they disappear. One way to avoid this from happening is to visit the supplier in person, view their production line; this will also create a good business relationship between you both. Let's say you are planning on going abroad and lets use Turkey as an example. People say it's "expensive" to visit the supplier, but you can easily get EasyJet flights for £100 return at certain times of the year.

Costing, Abroad Vs UK

However, having suppliers in other countries can prove logistical issues, such as public holidays you're unaware of, communication and things such as shipping delays & customs. You then have to include the price of international shipping, and if the supplier isn't in the European Union you'll need to add in customs fees and taxes when they come into the country.

“We offer a wide range of services”

However, there are other costs to factor in for clothing manufacturers UK. Simply, the fact that labour is more expensive and most raw fabrics have been imported, so they all have a premium. This is, however, countered by the fact that UK manufactured products warrant a higher RRP- all of which will allow you to recoup the investment provided you shift the stock.

In Conclusion

The best course of action for anyone who's new in the fashion industry, with no real idea how to find a supplier, let alone whether to stay local or go abroad is to find a consultancy, or a "middleman" who will alleviate some of the stress and headache that comes with finding the right suppliers. That's where us at White2Label can come in and help you! We offer a wide range of services to help new and already established brands with their design and supplying needs.

Working with White2Label in the United Kingdom will cause you a lot less stress and a lot less unknown than working with a manufacturer abroad. We will keep you in the loop ,more than other manufacturers and our deliveries of samples and orders will be quicker. So what are you waiting for? Contact White2Label now and and get your UK based brand off the ground today.

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