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Hi there 👋

I’m Anthony, the Founder of White2Label.

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Back in 2016, I started a fashion brand before scaling and successfully exiting in 2019.

I would reach out to suppliers being a new brand, and felt like I would get nowhere. I would be asked for details I simply did not have the answer to, and in most cases, I’d be hit with the inevitable;

"Our MOQ is X"

"X" being far more than I needed, or was comfortable investing into.

Frustrated by this, in 2018 I founded White2Label with the idea of putting fashion brands first.

We developed a service which helps you bring new collections to market in weeks, not months. and bypassing the need to spend tens of thousands without proving your concept first.

Let me tell you more about what we do...

white Label Clothing

This is our fastest turnaround & lowest minimum order quantity service. We've done the hard work, so you don't have to - just add your branding & you're ready to go.

custom manufacturing

Custom clothing manufacturing serves to provide you with the freedom to create truly unique collections. Select your own fabrics, sizing, designs & much more.

fashion design services

We cover everything from start to finish and help businesses with their brand development. This includes creating specifications and tech packs, as well as finding the right fabrics.

quality control icon

Quality Control

As a clothing manufacturer, we ensure all items are inspected at four critical stages throughout the manufacturing process. This leads to greater consistency and a removes the risk of issues in the bulk order.

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Ethical Sourcing

White2Label is an accredited Living Wage Employer and all partners are independently certified to ensure ethical and sustainable practices are ahered to throughout the entire supply chain.

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360° service

We offer a complete 360 degree service which makes us a one stop shop for clothing brands. We handle the entire process, meaning you have one point of contact leading to a smoother, more efficient service.

gemma owens manufacturer

How we took oG beachwear's concept to market in 5 weeks.

Gemma Owen's Brand, OG Beachwear reached out as they wanted to test a new loungewear concept.

They'd established a brand in the swimwear niche, but wanted to expand their total addressable market. Analytics had shown there were shared interests in buyers, but they still wanted a sensible approach.

We provided a low minimum order quantity and fast turnaround service which allowed Gemma to test this new concept within weeks, all the while significantly reducing her risk of overstocking.

Our Portfolio

Our Simple Three-Step-Process to Production

Getting You One Step Closer to a Stable, Reliable and Transparent Clothing Manufacturer.

We work hard to ensure we can add value to every supply chain. We tackle each enquiry on a case-by-case basis and look to understand pain points, and production requirements.

Although every brand requires a personalised service, each project goes through the same process to production to ensure efficient service delivery.

This process is on a no-obligation basis, meaning you don't pay anything on the bulk order until you've signed off your samples and there's no contracts forcing you to proceed should you not wish to.


The very first stage of our clothing manufacturing process is to provide you with a personalised quote for your project. In order to do this, we'll require a clear outline of your requirements.


We'll then create a sample piece for you to assess fabric, fit, feel & workmanship. This process might require a few rounds to perfect before the bulk order.

bulk Production

Once you've signed off the sample, we'll proceed through to the bulk order. This will only happen when you're 100% happy to do so and this is where we'll manufacture your clothing in bulk.

Your questions, answered
We understand the issues faced by those searching for a clothing manufacturer, which is why we simplify the process through our end-to-end services. Do you have a question? Check out our most commonly asked questions (and answers) below to asisst you in making the decision as to whether we're the right clothing manufacturer for your brand.
What is your minimum order quantity?
How much does it cost?
How is your clothing manufactured?
What is the difference between white label clothing and bespoke manufacturing?
What makes you different to other clothing manufacturers?
How long does the entire process take?
Looking for garment design & clothing manufacturing?

Join the hundreds of brands who've trusted White2Label to elevate their design & manufacturing over the last five years.

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