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We're known as one of the leading clothing manufacturers for start-ups and larger established businesses. We can assist your brand wherever you are in your journey and help you scale through consistent, reliable supply chain management and product development.


Wherever you are, we can help

white label clothing catalogue

white label clothing services

Perfect for new brands or established ones looking to test new concepts.
white label clothing catalogue

bepsoke manufacturing

Custom fabrics, colours, trims and hardware - what's more to love? A great option for any brand.
white label clothing catalogue

in-house branding & finishing

Screen printing, DTG, embroidery and vinyl all offered in-house on a comprehensive service.
what do we do?

We create products for brands who want to compete with the very best in the industry.

Model wearing oversized t shirt manufacturing design
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Explore a faster, cheaper route to market

If you're starting out, or are just looking to create additional revenue streams for your business, our white label clothing service is ideal for you. Comprising of premium, aesthetic blank garments that we can brand here in the UK for you.

Offering in-house services like screen printing, vinyl and DTG or embroidery; our goal is simple- offer you a finished product that competes with bespoke manufacturing whilst lowering MOQs and decreasing lead times, leaving a cost-effective and efficient production process.

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We specialise in fashion branding & building relationships.

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Our facilities

Are you ready?

We offer all garment customisation and finishing in-house, allowing us to deliver a more efficient service to clients whilst implementing a rigid in-house quality control programme.

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what we can do

How can we help your clothing brand get to market and scale.

white label clothing

get you to market faster & cheaper

Fast development

We can take you from sampling to completed mass production in just 10 working days.

minimal designing required

Select from our extensive catalogue of high quality white label items; reducing time and money spent on perfecting simple items.

uk based clothing manufacturers

This service is completed in-house by our staff. Allowing for complete oversight of the process and the best quality control for each stage.

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bespoke manufacturing

complete design freedom

competitive moq

Utilising clothing factories based in China, Portugal, Turkey and here in the UK, we’re able to offer production for clients who require products that stretch beyond the design capabilities of our white label service under a competitive MOQ.

complete management

Let us handle everything. We simply quote you a unit cost and this includes everything from raw materials through to import fees and duties.

everything is custom

Get freedom in fabric selection, colour-ways, sizing, designs, trims and hardware with our bespoke OEM clothing service.

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in-house branding

streamlined feedback

130 clients have utilised this service thus far.

In and amongst these services, we also have in-house capabilities to brand and finish items.

We're able to create branding changes to products to speed up the feedback process and get you into mass production more efficiently. No need to wait another 30 days for a second sample if it's a simple branding change; we can do this in-house in a matter of days.

Let's compare a budget.

Same budget, but two different services - both have their pros and cons, and no one is better than the other. They appeal to different types of clients at different stages of their business so let's compare a set budget for reference.

white label

£5,000 budget

Let's see what this gets...

This service is great for first time brand owners as it simplifies the design element and speeds up the process.


£5,000 budget

In comparison to this...

This service is the goal for most - it requires more planning but you get much more design freedom and can create unique pieces for your brand.

Diverse Collection

More than 5 styles and/ or colour-ways within this budget

Design Freedom

The ability to create a collection with your branding and finishing

High Cost of Sampling*

Sampling costing high hundreds/ thousands of pounds. *Dependent on rounds of sampling.

Speed to Market

Being able to bring a collection to market in under 30 days.

Competitive Price Points

Economies of scale play a part here, but both services can achieve competitive price points.


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