UNBND Blanks

UNBND Blanks is a Luxury, Wholesale Blanks Supplier based in London offering clients and consumers with the highest quality blanks on the market.


UNBND Blanks is a bit of a different process as it's an in-house brand we have created, but we thought we'd still add it to the portfolio. We noticed a demand for high-quality, heavyweight, oversized products to be manufactured as blanks and resold to businesses for re-branding purposes. Alongside this, we also saw an opportunity for a D2C (direct to consumer) arm so we created a wholesale locked off and retail store.

The production itself was a focus on high quality fabrics, pre-treatment to ensure the products would not shrink and then perfecting the silhouette to ensure proper fit. The R&D on this project took in excess of 6 months but the outcome was the perfect collection of premium oversized blanks for the UK market.

The Process

Two things were crucial for UNBNDs success - fabric and fit. We spent 6 months perfecting the selecting of fabric, putting swatches through the Martindale Abrasion Test to ensure it met our standards and sampling to perfect the fit, dyeing and pre-treat process to minimise shrinkage post-washing.

We produced 180SKUs for launch, including hoodies, sweatshirts, tees and joggers; all of which comprised of high quality, heavyweight single cotton jersey and brushed back cotton.

The Results

UNBND Blanks had a 76% sell through rate on all stock within the first 3 months, with £0 on paid marketing and an astounding 34% return customer rate within the first 12 months - a testament to the quality and service delivery we aimed at supplying from the very beginning.

Key achievements included:

  • Launching with 180SKUs
  • £48,000 in sales in the first 3 months with no paid marketing
  • A sub 1% return rate on retail and 0% return rate on wholesale, with a 0% defect rate reported on over 3,000pcs sold

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