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UNBND Blanks

UNBND Blanks is a Luxury, Wholesale Blanks Supplier based in London offering clients and consumers with the highest quality blanks on the market.

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UNBND Blanks


Bespoke Manufacturing


2021- Present

Bespoke Manufacturing

UNBND Blanks

The Process

UNBND Blanks is a bit of a different process as it's an in-house brand we have created, but we thought we'd still add it to the portfolio. We noticed a demand for high-quality, heavyweight, oversized products to be manufactured as blanks and resold to businesses for re-branding purposes. Alongside this, we also saw an opportunity for a D2C (direct to consumer) arm so we created a wholesale locked off and retail store.

The production itself was a focus on high quality fabrics, pre-treatment to ensure the products would not shrink and then perfecting the silhouette to ensure proper fit. The R&D on this project took in excess of 6 months but the outcome was the perfect collection of premium oversized blanks for the UK market.

The Result

UNBND Blanks sold in excess of £15,000 worth of stock within the first week of launch with glowing feedback on the superior fit, feel and quality of the blanks in comparison to market competition. Since launch, UNBND has now worked with 30 + brands and we're expecting to work on new styles and products imminently.