UNBND Blanks

UNBND Blanks is a Luxury, Wholesale Blanks Supplier based in London offering clients and consumers with the highest quality blanks on the market.


The fashion industry is filled with brands focusing on everything other than their product. An emphasis on their ability to market a brand, without focusing on the fundamentals to ensure a viable and long-lasting brand is being built.

The issue is that for a lot of start-up brands, funding and MOQs are an unavoidable issue - they simply don't have access to the best factories, workmanship, fabrics and embellishment techniques.

So we created a wholesale brand; UNBND Blanks.

We noticed a demand for high-quality, heavyweight and oversized products to be manufactured and then stocked as wholesale blanks for brands to utlise as a base product for collections. Utilising our experience, network and brand, we put a plan together and built UNBND over the course of 12 months from mid-2020 to the middle of 2021 before successfully launching in Q3 of 2021.

Our contribution

High-Level Strategy

Consumer, Market & Competitor Research

Trend Forecasting

Technical Product Design

Pattern Creation / Grading

Fabric Sourcing & Treatment (Pre-Shrink / Washing)

Extensive Fabric Testing

Sampling & Production

Logistical Management

The Team

1 x Project Lead

1 x Brand Strategist

1 x Product Designer

1 x Garment Technician

7 x Production Team

3 x Video Editors

2 x Models

1 x Photographer

The Deliverables

Conduct Market & Consumer Research to Establish Opportunities

Design a Launch Collection

Sample to Perfect Fit, Feel & Wash

Follow Stringent Quality Control Measures (AQL)

Deliver Initial Collection

Establish Product-Market-Fit

Gather Feedback For New Styles


Establishing the fundamentals

Two things were crucial for UNBNDs success; the fabric and fit.

We spent 6 months perfecting the samples ensuring the garments met our high standards. This included sourcing fabrics, conducting independent abrasion tests, pre-shrink testing and perfecting garment dyeing processes to yield the best finish on our washed colour-ways.

Building the brand

The idea was for UNBND to stand on it's own two feet - it would be an extension of White2Label and showcase product capabilities, but the operation would be fulfilled and managed independently from the rest of the business. As such, we needed to establish a brand which conveyed trustworthiness, quality, attention to detail and a willingness to succeed.

The story was built around the development of White2Label from a bedroom heat press to one of the largest UK based clothing manufacturers and encapsulated the underdog mentality to appeal to small, independent brands looking to compete with the big market leaders.

The launch

We produced 180SKUs for launch which was a large initially collection, but we knew we needed to compete on styles and colour-ways to get a strong foothold in the industry. Premis was to ensure we'd covered all staple colours, whilst adding some colour-ways we predicted would have a high demand for end consumers in the season we were entering.


UNBND Blanks had a 76% sell through rate on all stock within the first 3 months, with £0 on paid marketing and an astounding 34% return customer rate within the first 12 months - a testament to the quality and service delivery we aimed at supplying from the very beginning.

Key achievements included:

  • Launching with 180SKUs
  • £48,000 in sales in the first 3 months with no paid marketing
  • A sub 1% return rate on retail and 0% return rate on wholesale, with a 0% defect rate reported on over 3,000pcs sold

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