The Dream Corporation (Otherworld)

Otherworld is a VR experience with 8 locations endorsed by the likes of Adele, Skepta, KSI and Jonathan Ross. They required a replicable and scalable solution inline with their global expansion for unique workwear and that's where we came in.


Otherworld is a VR experience with 8 locations worldwide including London, Miami, Austin and Birmingham. They approached us to bring the concept of their unique workwear to life.

The Process

They'd previously had patterns created and samples manufactured by a designer and seamstress, but required a scalable solution as they expand into global regions. We first assisted with taking the pre-digitised patterns and working backwards to build an in depth specification and ensure we'd iron out all details within the tech pack.

From there, we have began manufacturing samples and are planning to push the bulk production of these, on regular repeat orders in Q1 2023.

The Results

We turned a basic sample into a  specification for the client, ensuring the hard work spent on the samples was both scalable and replicable.

Key achievements included:

  • Building out a graded size chart and graded patterns from the base sample supplied
  • Plans to sample, then build out repeat orders on a quarterly bases
  • International distribution channels established for bulk production in Q1 to align with the companies international growth plan

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