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Studio X

Studio X were looking for a leading white label clothing manufacturer to assist their brand. High quality, heavyweight fabrics and durability were the main deliverables on this project.

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Studio X


White Label Clothing, OEM Clothing


2020- Present

White Label Service

Studio X

The Process

Studio X was a concept that was born from passion and interest in the fashion industry and on the lookout for white label clothing. This clients focus was to find premium, heavyweight products on an oversized silhouette. The speed to market was crucial for this business model to work. As one of the leading UK clothing manufacturers we knew we could accommodate this model without sacrificing the quality of our white label clothing. We therefore decided to start offering the appropriate heavyweight French Terry fabric and utilising modern printing techniques to ensure the end product was just as good as bespoke.

The Result

Studio X sold out of every garment, from every collection just weeks after each launch- the feedback from end-consumers complimenting the quality, fit, feel and finishing of all products. We continued and still work on progressive collections for this client, ensuring quality and durability remain at the forefront of the brands messaging.

The Review

"Having already started a product based business myself I knew only too well the hours of work that goes in to building a network, sourcing factories, materials, shipping and everything else in between. For this reason I chose to call upon White2Label's expertise in the field to save me months of work when moving into an unfamiliar industry. Safe to they they have not disappointed. Every single request has been met, expectations far exceeded and all at a competitive price point. One of the biggest frustrations in starting a business is not being able to quick fire questions at producers as and when they come to you. Having W2L's experience at the end of the line day and night cut out all of that frustration. I look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with White 2 Label and urge anyone thinking of venturing into the sportswear/fashion world to get in touch. Thank you W2L"

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