Pardo London

Pardo London are an up-and-coming UK based streetwear brand who were on the search for a domestic clothing manufacturing solution with access to high-quality and unique styles on a fast turnaround time.


Pardo London are a premium streetwear brand who approached us as they were looking for a UK based clothing manufacturer who had access to higher-quality and more versatile styles.

Their designs were out of the box, but leaning on our variety of customisation options available in-house, as well as our international connections, we were able to tie multiple collections together for the brand.

The overall aim here was to release regular collections with styles that appealed to the brands target market.

Our contribution

Technical Product Design

Size Chart Grading

Digitising Patterns

Fabric Sourcing

Trim / Hardware Production

Product Testing

Compliance (Accreditations)

3M Reflective Vinyl Printing

3D Raised Rubber Printing

The Team

1 x Project Manager

1 x Product Designer

1 x Garment Technician

1 x Production Team

The Deliverables

Deliver Structured Technical Packs

Ensure Correct Grading Across Sizings

Source Products Aligned With Brand Direction

Ensure Products Pass Quality Control

Source Trims, Hardware & Packaging

Confirm Items Meet Requirements


Speed Was Essential

Like most, Pardo wanted to remain ahead of the curve, so using a white label service was imperative to ensure they can produce styles ahead of trends within the UK streetwear market.

We spent countless hours in conversations with the brand to understand their target market, needs and wants so we could present the best options moving forward.

Utilising Both Bespoke & White Label

Although the white label solution was the main aim in the short term, we began building out specifications and tech packs for styles which followed more unique design cues, to provide Pardo with the best of both world scenarios - they could utilise the white label service as a filler to drop regular, staple items all the while building unique collections in the background.


Pardo saw higher demand for styles and presented a more established look, showcasing a variety of unique and high-quality styles on their site. The overall production was much faster than that of overseas clothing manufacturers, which meant Pardo could constantly look to innovate with new styles which undoubtably, will add value to the brand in the long-term.

Key achievements included:

  • Producing garments using 100% recycled polyester with PETA-Approved fabrics
  • Allowing for constant forward-thinking-innovation
  • Providing a full process production service, allowing the client more time to focus on the brand and direction
  • Utilising overseas production partners to source trims such as swing tickets, woven labels, 3d rubber printed logos and chinelle patches

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