OG Beachwear

OG Beachwear approached us to assist with a domestic production solution for their expansion into loungewear. Gemma Owen's brand had predominantly been seen as swimwear, so we helped develop new styles at a low MOQ, and fast turnaround time frame.


Gemma Owen's Brand, OG Beachwear reached out as they wanted to test a new concept. They'd solidified themselves as a swimwear brand, but wanted to branch off and offer loungewear items moving into the winter season.

That being said, they didn't want to commit too much time to R&D, sampling and production, nor overcommit to mass stock incase their market didn't take to the new styles.

The Process

We went through the process with OG Beachwear to understand their requirements and from there, present some of our white label clothing options. We sampled the styles, in an array of colour-ways and then moved into production from feedback on those very samples.

We worked closely to ensure the minor details like trims (woven labels) and pantone colours were matched on thread colours to ensure consistency with brand assets and existing styles.

This production process was completed within 2 weeks of final approval.

The Results

OG Beachwear were able to bring a new concept to market in just 5 weeks. Further to this, we supplied access to low MOQs, meaning they reduced their risk of overstocking on what was a new style for the brand. Such an approach allows for real-time market and consumer feedback, which will be used to further develop and refine new styles moving forward into more bespoke manufacturing packages for the brand in Q1/2 of 2023.

Key achievements included:

  • Producing 5 different colour-ways across a low MOQ allowed for more consumer feedback
  • Utilising a low MOQ, fast turnaround service to add to their collections with minimal spend
  • Reducing the time cashflow is tied up in the production process
  • Opportunity to expand into a larger market for OG Beachwear, which could increase revenue and bottom line profit

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