Absolute Athleisure

Absolute Athleisure wanted to find clothing manufacturers in the UK to help bring a unique collection to a sportswear market - learn how we did this for them


Absolute Athleisure were new into the industry and searching for clothing manufacturers in the UK.

Kalan, the Director approached us with the vision of bringing unique and distinguishable collections to market as he was aware of the crowded nature of the market during the time.

The concept involved continuously discontinuing previous collections to ensure a consistent forward-innovation approach for the brand with the intent of keeping consumers excited and engaged with the brand.

This would also involve a lot of direction from brand ambassadors and direct market, and consumer feedback so we worked comprehensively with Bradley to ensure the collections maintained the critical feedback which would directly result in the collection success. We used a partnered clothing supplier to bring these unique collections to market, whilst working closely with the brands' team to meet target pricing and ensuring healthy margins thereafter.

The Process

Absolute Athleisure saw great organic growth in a sector which is very competitive. Being able to consistently work on new designs meant the brand remained ahead of the curve and always on-trend and season which maximised sell through rates on each collection, increasing average cart values and the quality drove an increase in sales through direct word of mouth from end-consumers.

They decided in 2021 to approach a rebrand, moving away from the conventional sportswear market and instead, diversify a product offering in the streetwear market. This involved us working with unbndblanks.com to source high quality, luxury heavyweight blanks that we could then brand for Absolute.

The Result

Absolute saw success with their rebrand, with a retargeted market more inclined to pay the higher RRPs due to longer-lasting, sustainable garments being manufactured with an ethical and transparent supply chain.

Key achievements included:

  • Producing 300SKUs (and counting)
  • Utilising our services, we saved Absolute Athleisure £78,000 in production spend on their rebrand
  • Conducting in-house fit sessions, R&D and dyeing to meet clients requirements
  • Utilising overseas production capacity to bring heavier weight fabrics to market, whilst maintaining established RRPs, without sacrificing margin

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