How to decide on the best customisation option for your sportswear garments

Updated: Feb 18

You're here because you might be struggling to decide what is the best option to add your branding on garments. When most businesses simply offer screen print, we offer DTG, screen and vinyl print as well as embroidery; which we understand might lead people to ponder on which is the best option- both in terms of cost effectiveness, as well as general durability.

The reason we're writing this blog is because we've had a lot of clients ask this question on contact forms and in general discussions, so we wanted to run through each customisation option and where we personally feel it suits best (although, please advise this is simply our recommendation and no particular method is better than another, but they can definitely be better suited for particular garments).


Let's start easy... quite possibly the best customisation in terms of durability there is (again, in my opinion). Embroidery tends to work best on tracksuits and heavy cotton garments; be it sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers or even tees. We wouldn't recommend this style of customisation on any female items- such as sports bras, or leggings only because the garments are so close to the skin that it might cause irritation under the logos application, as well as stretching the fabric around the logo which will much more apparent on tight garments.

DTG (direct to garment)

This style of customisation is where specialised aqueous ink jet technology is used to apply a logo to a garment. The printer inks are jetted, or sprayed onto the garment- check out a video of the process here

This style of customisation is amazing for highly detailed garments and isn't limited to colours- so is much better applied for depending on the logo file itself, oppose to preference over which garment it's applied to. Wherever screen print is available, but limits either colours, or resolution of the logo; that's where DTG comes into play!

Screen print

The most popular option- due to it's cost effectiveness and general good quality. Provided you've found a good supplier (which can be us) to screen print on your garments, then the finish can come out very well on your garments. We would recommend this on most garments if you're looking to firstly establish your brand and want a cost-effective, but good quality option to brand your white label sportswear.

Vinyl print

Vinyl printing is essentially where the vinyl logo is cut out and then heat pressed onto a garment- this is a great method of application on 100% polyester garments. Items such as our women's sports bras, or leggings are a good selection of garments where vinyl print would be suitable. However, this does give a shiny texture, therefore we wouldn't recommend this on logos that are intended to have a matte finish.

We hope this has helped you decide which customisation option to use on your white label sportswear garments... the best advice we could give is to use a company that can facilitate the manufacturing of your sportswear in the UK; covering all aspects, from customisation to production- such as White2Label Manufacturing.

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