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Unlike most clothing manufacturers, we know exactly what it's like launching, scaling and selling a clothing brand. In this blog we explain how our services are superior to alternative clothing suppliers for this very reason.
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We've launched a clothing brand, so we understand

If you're going to source a new sportswear or gym wear manufacturer, then surely you'd want someone managing your order who can actually sympathise with the situation you're in, right? They understand the stresses, headaches and natural level of anxiety that revolve around launching a sportswear brand in a saturated market, where a considerable amount of overhead is required to start. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case... sure, they have manufactured sportswear for brands and helped other businesses with their production needs, but they don't actually know what it's like to be the one bulk purchasing stock that could either sell really well, or sit in storage and you don't really know which way it'll go until, well, you find out.

How we know what your going through

I have some good news- you're in luck because I have been in your shoes. At the age of 18, I thought it'll be cool to see people wearing a brand I've created" and pretty much ran with that. Sure, a lot went into it, but I won't bore you with the minor details; just rest assured when I say I can truly sympathise with you, I genuinely can. That's why White2Label Manufacturing was built on the foundation of offering an easier, more cost-effective manufacturing solution for brands who are starting out, whilst still being able to offer a bespoke service for larger brands.

What is the difference?

But you might be asking yourself- what difference does this make? The short answer is a lot. The general feedback we've received from clients is that they're not only happy with the quality of the end-product, but also the level of service that is provided throughout the entire process. We've aimed to set a new standard in the sportswear manufacturing sector; including great and consistent communication, transparency and accessibility and one thing we're happy to say is that we've implemented the above since our inception in late 2018.

Ultimately, the closing comments we'd like to make in this blog is that if you aren't already here because we offer a more comprehensive service, compared to what is already on the market then you should be here because we are here to help you. We aren't here to make a quick-buck, but instead value the longevity of business relationships much further than the order value and with our experience and knowledge of the market, being in it first-hand means we can truly offer a service like no other.

In conclusion

As you can see, we know a thing or two about what you are going through in your day-to-day business lives. We can sympathize with you in a way that a lot of other UK based clothes manufacturers won't and  that is why White2Label manufacturing is perfect for your brand. We will be honest and let you know the pitfalls to avoid. This is extremely valuable information for a new start up and you can have it at your fingertips with White2Label Manufacturing.

About the author
Anthony Mellor

Anthony Mellor is a fashion entrepreneur, writer and consultant. Anthony writes in-depth articles about topics related to fashion, business and supply chains.

Anthony successfully scaled and exited a D2C fashion brand at the young age of 20. Since then, he's gone onto start and successfully operate two multi-6-figure clothing manufacturing businesses and currently offers up one-to-one constancy to brand owners.

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