10 Trending Products Clothing Suppliers Need to Produce

The ability to act on a trend could be the make, or break for a clothing brand. In this blog, we discuss what trends we see for 2022
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After a couple years of chaos, what can we take from the pandemic for clothing brands?

One of the most difficult things for a new brand is choosing what to stock. Luckily, as one of the leading clothing manufacturers in the UK, we’re in the fortunate position to see what hundreds of brands purchase and what they ultimately end up selling the most of.

After a year of chaos and change you may now want to finally start up that clothing business you have been talking about doing for ages, but where do you start? Well, we feel that the best place to start is by choosing what you should sell. For new UK clothing manufacturers it is important to sell a varied variety of clothes, know what time of year to get certain stock in and what is trending.

All of these factors can make or break your startup very quickly, this is why we took it upon ourselves and lend you a helping hand in choosing the best products your clothing supplier can produce in 2021!

What your clothing supplier needs to produce

1. Trucker Caps

2. Sportswear

3. Football Shirts

4. Bright Colours!

5. Loungewear

6. Winter Warmers

7. Vintage Wash

8. Heavyweight Clothing

9. Organic Products/ Hoodies

Trucker Caps

Don't be fooled by the name, a trucker cap isn't just for our friends across the pond making deliveries from state to state. The trucker cap has become a big fashion statement across the globe. As a clothing manufacturer, we see a lot more brands bringing this style of product back and they’re definitely selling well to the end-consumer!

Not only does it suit all year round but it also has a larger, and firmer, front panel than most other types of caps. This is great for embroidery and vinyl printing to make your branding stand out. The trucker hat is light, practical and fits into both urban and casual settings. The only question is, why haven’t you added this to your fashion startup yet?


We've just come out the other side of a global pandemic and it's no surprise that this has sparked a lot more awareness about health, fitness and proper nutrition. We noticed a lot more clothing suppliers shifting their production capacity to cater more towards the rise in active and loungewear being sold during the lockdowns. You don’t need to be an activewear brand to explore if this could be a viable option for you. Our white label clothing service is a great way for you to test the market with minimal spend and risk.

Clothing manufacturers in the UK should be shifting more production capacity to performance wear because we don’t think it’s going anywhere.

Nobody wants to feel dragged down by heavy clothing while on a jog, this is why LIGHT sportswear is so popular.

Football Shirts

Keeping with the active theme but steering away from the conventional branding merchandise; Football shirts can be a good avenue that you can experiment with in the near future as a UK based start up. After a summer of excitement, football has never been more popular throughout the community. We’ve seen hundreds of brands succeed and the same amount fail - those who succeed are often the ones who are willing to do something a bit different.

As the excitement for football grows, so does the amount of teams starting up and every team needs a kit. It can be very challenging trying to create football shirts but if your clothing supplier is up to the challenge then it has a great scope to get you a lot of business. It can also be quite fun and inventive.

Bra and legging sets

If you want to manufacture sports clothing but are not a fan of sweaty people kicking a ball around a field then you're in luck! Bra and legging sets are all the rage at the moment.

Now that gyms have reopened people are flocking to tone their muscles again and they want to look good while doing it. Bra and legging sets look good, are comfortable and take away a customer's frustration when they find a sports bra they like but not a matching set of leggings. Custom clothing manufacturers should be getting their suppliers to produce these sets while the post-covid gym boom continues to grow!

Bright Colours

The majority of clients will want their branding showcased on a white or black garment, which is fine but sometimes a customer might want to get creative. This is why it is a good idea to get your clothing supplier working on making something different, something more vibrant!

After the year and a half everyone has endured it may finally be time for your supplier to inject some colour into your orders. Bright colours can make a brand stand out and can be a bit more creative to work on. Using more varied colours can also set you up for a new business model and it can move your available colour palette  away from the dark and into the light in 2021.

Comfy loungewear

Sometimes when it hasn't been your day, your month or your year you will want your most comfortable clothes to be there for you. You're not the only one, millions of people are looking for comfy loungewear that they can slouch into at the end of a long day. Your supplier can produce comfy loungewear to sell to all these people through your clothes manufacturing business.

Comfy loungewear can range from tops, trousers, vests, shorts, socks etc There is really no limit to what sort of clothing your supplier can make comfortable. The best thing is, there is always a market for it. All year round people will want to jump into something comfy after work or just on a weekend. It's a no-brainer.

Winter warmers

As we move out of the summer and into autumn we start to think about the holidays and a major part of the holiday transition is how we dress. It's going to get cold soon and we will all need to wrap up warm and your clothing supplier needs to be ready.

Winter warmers are always a huge seller and while it is good to be prepared it is also good to be prepared with the right garments. Warmth is the key word for winter clothes. Big puffer jackets, beanies, scarves and clothes should all come to mind when talking to you

Vintage Wash

Going from warm jackets and bobble hats back to tees and hoodies now. Retro, nostalgic, retrogressive whatever you call it, it has been ‘in style’ for a long time now. In 2021 there is a style that your supplier needs to produce because old fashioned is in fashion with vintage wash garments. Vintage wash is a rusted, worn look that tends to work best with dark to light grey. It gives off the retro, nostalgic look while also being very cool. You've probably seen this wash on jeans but the look of it on a T-shirt is definitely popular at the moment. So get your supplier to jump on this rusted bandwagon before another old style is back in fashion

Heavyweight Clothing

No, when I say heavyweight clothing I do not mean you have to be a boxer to buy it. Heavyweight clothing has the best quality feeling that you cannot get with most other types of clothes

As a UK based clothing manufacturer, you can get ahead of the curb and get your supplier to produce heavyweight clothing for you to use for your business. Good quality doesn't come cheap though, This heavyweight clothing will bump up the price but the quality of it is second to none. You will hold up a heavyweight hoodie and realise the difference immediately.

Organic Hoodies

Last but not least, the organic hoodie. Organic hoodies are more sustainable and using them can make your brand stand out. They are usually coloured with vegetable or water based dyes that make them more environmentally friendly.

As well as being able to give your business a big, green, sustainability tick, They are also very good quality. They are soft, well fitting and look good. They can come in a variety of colours using the aforementioned water/vegetable based dyes. With all the environmental changes the world is going through, these hoodies have become increasingly popular in 2021.

So there you have it! 10 Trending Products you need your Clothing Supplier to Produce for your Brand in 2021. All of these products have been incredibly popular in the last year.

How will you use them to improve your clothes manufacturing business?

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Anthony Mellor is a fashion entrepreneur, writer and consultant. Anthony writes in-depth articles about topics related to fashion, business and supply chains.

Anthony successfully scaled and exited a D2C fashion brand at the young age of 20. Since then, he's gone onto start and successfully operate two multi-6-figure clothing manufacturing businesses and currently offers up one-to-one constancy to brand owners.

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