The Benefits Of White Labelling In The Sportswear Market

In this blog we will explore the main benefits of white label clothing over bespoke manufacturing.
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Why is white labelling a great option for sportswear brands?

As with launching any business, you have to slowly tick all the boxes and finding reliable clothing manufacturers can be one of those tasks that seems straightforward and easy, but in reality is a hard process that involves a lot of research, development, time and attention. If you're a startup brand who is starting out with no prior experience, then sourcing clothing manufacturers can seem like an uphill battle.

That being said, sending tens of thousands of pounds over to clothing manufacturers who you've never met, without the confidence they'll do a good job is a thing of the past and for us; we're here to ensure you're absolutely confident that when working with clothing suppliers, you'll get exactly what you've asked for. That's why we aim to cement ourselves as one of, if not the leading clothing manufacturers in the UK and more specifically a clothing supplier who specialises in white label clothing.


So, what is white labelling?

In essence, white labelling is using pre-manufactured blank items and adding your branding to these items. This isn't your generic wholesale route though, as we specialise in fashion branding and it's all we do - so we've created a service that assists you in launching your clothing brand without having to spend countless months on end and spending thousands of pounds on research and development in the attempt to find reliable clothing manufacturers.

Our service is UK based, fast turnarounds and extremely reliable.

"It's fast and great for start-ups getting into the industry"
Comparing our white label clothing service with bespoke OEM clothing elsewhere.

What are the benefits of white label clothing opposed to generic manufacturing?

Using the white label service has a lot of benefits for your small start-up. Below are a few of the most important improvements that using a white label service can make to your business.

  • Quick turnaround times: 10 working days, instead of four weeks,

  • Low MOQ's: generally, our MOQ's are a lot lower on white label items and this allows you to limit overhead, maximise cash-on-hand and increase the chances of profitability in the first year of business.

  • Access to more styles: granted, generic manufacturing gives you absolute freedom with design and product development, but with a limited budget you'd often have to sacrifice on colour-way/ style options but this isn't an issue with white labelling.

This allows brands an opportunity to launch a business and test the market without overcommitting themselves and relying on overseas clothing manufacturers to be the foundation of their entire business - in essence, we've simplified the process and aim to make it more flexible for brands!

In Conclusion

White label manufacturing, especially with White2Label, has a lot of benefits. White label services also allow you to be more creative while working with one of the UK’s leading clothes manufacturers. You have more colour picks, lower MOQ’s and more access to varied styles that you may not get elsewhere.

As a small start-up, White Labeling may sound daunting. However using White2Labels tips you can cut out all the confusion and realise that the white label service isn't just simple but could also be the thing that makes your brand stand out above the rest. Your unique, white label clothing could be flying off the shelf before your competitors have even had the chance to sample their product.

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Anthony successfully scaled and exited a D2C fashion brand at the young age of 20. Since then, he's gone onto start and successfully operate two multi-6-figure clothing manufacturing businesses and currently offers up one-to-one constancy to brand owners.

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