The devil's in the detail: inside neck labelling

Garment neck labelling is the process of adding your branding on the inside neck of a garment - important for multiple reasons, let's break down why
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What is a custom neck label in garment?

There's no denying consumers are willing to pay more for premium products and as a private label manufacturer, we were quite surprised by the amount of start-up brands who'd rather save the money then add small, premium detailing to their product- such as inside neck labelling.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that printing an inside neck label on a low quality, crappy blank t-shirt will instantaneously make it premium, or give you the justification to sell it for x amount more; but what I am saying is that there are many ways to add premium touches to products within the fashion and sportswear sector- most of which can be accommodated by private label and sportswear manufacturers and a great place to start is inside neck labelling.

“things like country of origin aren't actually required”

What are printed inside neck labels

We're just ticking the boxes here, I'm sure you know what a printed neck label is but on the off chance someone doesn't know... I thought I'd briefly explain:

A printed neck label is essentially a label printed on the inside neckline of the product- let's say a tee and it provides the brands information, alongside other bits of information. Now, there is some huge miscommunication here, because things like country of origin aren't actually required by UK law provided you aren't explicitly marketing the product as "Made in the UK" for example. Same goes for washing instructions- they're customary, but not required. However, it never hurts to include all of these things- especially fabric composition which is actually required by law- so killing two, or three birds with one stone is the best way to do it.

How does this apply to our white label service?

The white label service? You know the one where we have a catalogue of 26 total garments that are of premium fabric, aesthetic fit and market demanding colour-ways, which we can have branded for you in 10 working days? Yeah- that one.

All of our white label garments come with unbranded, plain neck sizing labels as standard which do the job. That being said, we do offer an additional service (at £0.60 per unit) to screen print in a neck label. In addition to that, we also offer a custom woven label service that we can sew into the neckline for you- pretty much aligning the end product with exactly what you'd get on a bespoke production service.

What are the pros of applying a custom printed neck label?

It makes your brand more professional- it tends to be the small touches with fashion and sportswear products that make all the difference. A great example is swing tickets- you usually rip them off anyway, barely give them a read and then put on the product, however, if there wasn't a swing ticket you'd definitely notice that. Whether or not that hindered your perception of a brand, is all down to discretion.

“applying this method of will very much be standing out.”

It helps your brand stand out- look, we're here as a clothing manufacturer based in the UK and we can tell you that a lot of start-ups overlook this element. It might be a result of lack of knowledge, or a lot of moving parts but we can confidently say that by applying this method of garment finishing to your product, you will very much be standing out.

It's a constant reminder of your brand- let's not sugar coat it, people bought your product because they're interested in the product. A screen printed neck label is a constant reminder of your brand for as long as the product lasts.

It's another opportunity to be creative- although we suggest adding standard branding elements, this is also an opportunity to add a little slogan, sketch or some artwork which might add a lasting effect on the end-consumer.

How can we help you with this service?

It's very simple- when we send a price quote it's dependent on the customisation (screen print, vinyl, DTG or embroidery) as well as what we'd consider "garment finishing" options- such as woven neck labels, printed neck labelling, swing tickets etc... Therefore, the easiest way for us to help you with this service is for you to tell us exactly what you're after, so we can price it up form the first quote and then if it fits within your budget happy days and if it doesn't then we can work backwards.

“our MOQs on ordering in woven labels is 1,000 pieces”

What's better? Woven labels, or printed labels?

To be honest- one isn't better than another. Sure, woven labels are more durable and will probably last longer, but then it can also cause irritation- especially in sportswear products, when the product is quite close to the skin, as well sweat and rubbing being involved.

In terms of pricing- screen printed neck labelling is more cost-effective as it doesn't require the initial outlay of the actual labels, as well as application fees. As it stands, our MOQs on ordering in woven labels is 1,000 pieces but we can stock and store these for you to apply to future garments at a later date and the good thing is that they're versatile- they can be applied to tees, hoodies, joggers, jackets etc.

The overall conclusion therefore is to get it done. It doesn't matter what your neck labelling is, or how you're going to apply it but the important thing is that adding it will create a premium fact for your brand; something that shouldn't be overlooked.

If you'd like more information around our garment finishing options, then feel free to fill out a contact us form on our site and one of the team will be in touch.

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