How to Find Clothing Manufacturers in 2022

A brief, fool-proof guide on how to source clothing manufacturers for your clothing line in 2022.
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Where to start when sourcing clothing manufacturers?

A clothing manufacturer is just as important as your brand, clothing colors, patterns, and marketing because they make your product visible and tangible to the customer. Therefore, whether you are starting a brand or just a person selling clothes, finding the right manufacturer might mean the success or failure of your enterprise.

So before you go searching for a manufacturer, there are a couple of things you need to consider first.

·       Can the garment factory make your product? Especially if your product requires special equipment, for example, waterproof exercise and outdoor wear.

·       What is their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

·       Are they domestic or overseas

·       What are their fees and shipping cost, and

·       What is their standard of quality and production process

So with those in mind, here are the best places to find clothing manufacturers in 2022.

Web search and social media

Sounds too simple, right?

Do not underestimate the power of a quick Google search as the first step in looking for the right manufacturer. In recent times, the fashion industry has become more prevalent on the internet. From websites, forums, blogs to Google business listings, you can find just about any manufacturer by typing ‘clothing factory’ or ‘clothing manufacturer near me’ in the search bar.

You can also use social media hashtags to find top clothing manufacturing companies because most of them like to market their companies alongside notable clothing brands. Just a quick search of #clothingmanufacturer, #patternmaking, or #clothingcompany in Instagram and Facebook might get you what you need.

Online forums and networking

Online forums and networking can go a long way in finding a clothing factory near you. Unless you plan on selling your clothes overseas, joining communities on forums will link you with other clothing business owners and fashion entrepreneurs. As a result, you might get referrals to trusted local manufacturers, thereby providing a place to learn to grow your clothing business.


Outside the virtual world, you can take advantage of tradeshows and fashion exhibitions. Tradeshows are places where fashion companies come together to showcase their products and services. You can leverage these tradeshows to meet up and interview different manufacturers to find the right one for your clothing business.

Face-to-face conversations will help build a level of trust and confidence that you can’t get online, thereby establishing a strong personal business relationship with the manufacturers.

Online Marketplaces

You can also use online marketplaces like Alibaba, AliExpress, or Orbelo to find clothing manufacturers.

However, because most manufacturers use these sites to sell their products, you might have to get a little tech-savvy. First, you have to find a clothing listing similar to what you want to sell. Then you need to try to contact the company and ask if they can manufacture for your fashion brand.

Additionally, you can also read reviews and contact previous customers to find out their quality standards and shipping policies, among others.

Note: You have to be careful and meticulous in these online marketplaces to avoid getting scammed.

So there you have it! Four of the best ways to find a clothing manufacturers in 2022 and get your clothing business off the ground with high-quality products from reliable manufacturers.

About the author
Anthony Mellor

Anthony Mellor is a fashion entrepreneur, writer and consultant. Anthony writes in-depth articles about topics related to fashion, business and supply chains.

Anthony successfully scaled and exited a D2C fashion brand at the young age of 20. Since then, he's gone onto start and successfully operate two multi-6-figure clothing manufacturing businesses and currently offers up one-to-one constancy to brand owners.

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