Introducing our split payment method

We aim to create accessible custom clothing manufacturers and bring these closer to our clients. This is why, in this update we discuss our new split payment method which allows clients to split payments on stock for up to 90 days.
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Split payment manufacturing

Since launching, we wanted to ensure that we changed the way clothing manufacturers operated. Our goal was simple- provide high quality products, great service and communication; all whilst finding a modern solution to lower minimum orders and decrease lead times- all of which led to the creation of our white label clothing service.

Naturally, this attracted some larger clients for us as we focused on working with some of the best custom clothing manufacturers, but helping startups launch their business really was the bread and butter of what we do.

On that note, we wanted to ensure that our white label clothing service was accessible to all those who required manufacturing of some sort and therefore led to us trialing a split payment method with some loyal clients. At the time, we’d essentially work with them as normal and allow to 90 days for them to pay us; all of which was interest free. The feedback was great- one particular client said “It’s great that we now have access to clothing manufacturers whilst being able to utilise white label clothing and be able to effectively manage cashflow. Previously, we’d miss out on seasons and trends because we hadn’t effectively planned our finances enough in advance, but now we now we can fire whenever we’re ready with this new finance option through White2Label Manufacturing.”

As a fashion brand, product is going to be your biggest overhead and being able to access financial services for smaller amounts in the beginning will work wonders for your businesses credit going forward. Whether they’d like to admit it, or not- a lot of the largest brands and retailers all use finance options to plug the holes when you consider the production and shipping time (particularly sea freight) could leave a gap in your cashflow for up to 90 days. Clothing manufacturers do offer split payment methods (as do we on bespoke orders) but it usually entails you having to clear the balance before shipping and where you’re using a slow shipping option; i.e. train, or sea freight- then you’re likely to benefit from using some form of financing- especially when it’s interest free for the first 30 days!

Our process is simple; our split payment method is powered by iwocapay. Once a client shows interest in working with either clothing manufacturers, or white label clothing then we will do some checks on the business through the iwocapay platform to ensure you’re eligible to use the service. If you are, great.. If you aren’t however, then we won’t be able to offer this service to you at that current moment in time.

Once it’s confirmed you’re eligible for the service, we will issue an invoice through iwocapay. As soon as you hit agree to the terms and conditions of iwocapay, the invoice is settled our end and you enter into an agreement with them.

Interest rates do vary, but are usually around 3% if you decide to use the entire 90 days. If you pay it off within 30 days, there’s no interest and to make it even better- there are no early re-payment fees. So, if you sell out of product on launch then you can clear the balance and move forward with another collection as there can’t be two outstanding invoices from the same client..

For example;

Your invoiced amount is £3,000 for a collection of white label clothing. You opt in for a split payment method.

If you decide to use the entire 90 days to pay it off your total amount payable is £3,090- not bad at all is it!

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we’re creating accessible clothing manufacturers, then please don’t hesitate to leave your information below and one of the team can run through some details with you!

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Anthony Mellor

Anthony Mellor is a fashion entrepreneur, writer and consultant. Anthony writes in-depth articles about topics related to fashion, business and supply chains.

Anthony successfully scaled and exited a D2C fashion brand at the young age of 20. Since then, he's gone onto start and successfully operate two multi-6-figure clothing manufacturing businesses and currently offers up one-to-one constancy to brand owners.

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