case study

Raksha Fitness Gear

This client required a clothing manufacturer in London so approached White2Label Manufacturing. We took them from concept to market in a matter of 7 working days whilst providing MOQs of just 25pcs.

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Raksha Fitness Gear


Catalogue Service, Bespoke Service


2018- Present

White Label Service

Raksha Fitness Gear

The Process

Kalan, the Founder of Raksha Fitness Gear approached us with his new startup concept. Like most, he'd looked for custom clothing manufacturers through online platforms designed to bring buyers and suppliers closer together, but was off put by the language barriers, issues and the logistical nightmare he could foresee. After a consultation, we decided it would be best to slot Raksha into the white label clothing service as it would speed up the process and allow for minimal opportunity cost whilst designing, sampling and going back and forth through the bespoke route. This allowed them to test the market and gain real time consumer and market research on popular styles. Once they had proven sales and consumer feedback, we begun piecing together custom clothing manufacturers services and used this invaluable feedback to maximise the brands chances of success moving forward.

The Result

Our ability to bring a diverse collection of different styles under a set budget allowed Raksha to gauge what their audience liked and did not like. This data was used to progress into a bespoke service with us which minimised their risk of overstocking, or underselling certain styles and collections which led to the brands success over a prolonged period of time. This, coupled with a new creative direction also allowed the brand to pivot in 2021 where we still remain their main and sole clothing supplier for their new style of clothing.

The Review

"Great service all round. I got into contact with White2Label discussing a potential idea for starting up a brand. Anthony was able to give me advice and guidance throughout the whole journey from design to production. It is clear that White2Label know the industry well, and was definately worth every penny. I was given regular updates for my order as well as potential ideas for future garments. I have now recieved my products for my brand RFG and am extremely pleased with the quality of the service as well as the quality of the garments themselves. 100% trust into this business and am glad to say I am 100% satisfied. Looking forward to releasing more products with the help of White2Label."

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