The Benefits Of White Labelling In The Sportswear Market

Updated: Feb 18

Generically, if you wanted to start a sportswear brand you'd have to source a gym wear manufacturer, often overseas to somewhere you've never been. You'd have to send thousands of pounds to someone you've never met with very little sense of security and pay it in a foreign currency. What I failed to understand after doing this for a couple of years, was why did I always have a sense of nervousness when working with factories abroad? Was it because I had never met this person? Was it me overthinking? Or was it simply me being worried about sending money I had worked so hard for to a person I had never met in the hope they would hold up their side of the bargain? I decided that it had to change and with that came our white label service. We stock unbranded items that you would usually go to a factory to source and what makes it better? We can fully customise these items for you- turning a white label item into a fully branded garment that's ready for market in just 10 working days.

So, what are the benefits of white labelling oppose to generic manufacturing? - Quick turnaround times: 10 working days, instead of four weeks,- Low MOQ's: generally, our MOQ's are a lot lower on white label items and this allows you to limit overhead, maximise cash-on-hand and increase the chances of profitability in the first year of business,- Access to more styles: granted, generic manufacturing gives you absolute freedom with design and product development, but with a limited budget you'd often have to sacrifice on colour-way/ style options but this isn't an issue with white labelling,

Do you have an example of white label sportswear garments you've created?

Here is a great example of a white label item that we had customised for a client and a perfect look for an in-demand style that would usually take 5+ weeks to develop and require significant investment.

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