What sets us apart from other sportswear manufacturers

Updated: Feb 18

When founding White2Label Manufacturing, I wanted to create a real USP- something that set us apart from all the other sportswear manufacturers, so that we could offer gym wear, sportswear brands and local businesses with a unique service that is different to anything else on the market.

So, are we reinventing the wheel? No, we're not. The truth is- we offer an agent buying service which is standard across the manufacturing industry (agents who are well connected within the market and run sampling and production for you and take a commission cut.) That being said, we do set ourselves apart with our white label service; which is where we've conducted a huge amount of research to bring you a comprehensive collection of premium, aesthetic white label garments and with the utilisation of modern printing techniques (screen print, DTG, vinyl and embroidery to be precise) we're able to turn these garments into your brands finished product and ultimately the best-sellers.

Quality and assurance is at the forefront of everything we do. We exist to offer brands a solution to the high MOQ's set by modern manufacturers, but we don't feel that businesses should be punished by poor quality and communication because they don't have the budget to match some of the insane minimums set by overseas factories.

It's our focus on quality and communication that has led to our success so early on. Every element of feedback we've received is centred around us providing high quality garments and excellent communication- something that most admit has been their headache when sourcing manufacturers.

You may therefore be asking yourself- why should I pick White2Label Manufacturing over any other manufacturing business in the sportswear market? The answer is simple: we make things simple. We've developed a collection, so that you can quite easily pick from a catalogue of garments and if you do decide you'd like to order more and work on a bespoke and tailor made basis, then we can do that too! As a matter of fact, we've actually produced bespoke garments for a wide range of clients now- spanning from equestrian brands all the way through to running gear and ultimately gym wear. We aren't limited by styles as we are so well connected within the manufacturing sector- so chances are, we can find the perfect manufacturer to produce the garments you require.

If I haven't quite sold you just yet on our products and services, feel free to reach out to me or read some of the reviews we've received from clients to hear a bit more about what we do, how we work and what past and current clients have to say about the products and service they'd received- we're not shy!

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