Coronavirus and its effect on your supply line

Coronavirus has impacted every sector and the clothing industry is no different. In this article, we discuss the impact COVID has had on global supply chains and how this will affect clothing suppliers all over the globe.
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Coronavirus' impact on clothing production

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last month, then I'm sure you've seen countless new articles and reports about the update on Coronavirus- more specifically, Covid-19 which originated in Wuhan, China. Now, we're not here to discuss the symptoms, treatments or even the science behind it- there's plenty of articles on Google for that, but instead we're here to discuss how it has affected the manufacturing in China and what the impact will be. Please note- this article isn't intended to steer attention away from the seriousness of Coronavirus, but instead inform people of how they can fix their supply line issues as a result of this outbreak.

A little info

This coronavirus outbreak started around the same time that Chinese New Year was coming to an end. CNY is a holiday that we already know slows down production and backs up manufactures, but it's expected every year. One thing that wasn't expected was how this outbreak would continue to shutdown the manufacturing process for even longer and causing a bit of chaos- both for companies who have incomplete products on the production line, or businesses who were planning on placing an order after CNY.

“It has halted everything!”

What impact has this caused on sportswear manufacturing? Well, to put it simply- it has halted everything! There were some expected reopening dates around the middle of February, but the latest (as of 21/02/2020) is that the revised opening date will be the end of this month.

As good as that may sound (as it's only 8 days away) the likely impact is that where factories average lead times were 3 weeks, it'll be north of 10 weeks. We know this will cause a huge amount of strain on sportswear brands that are planning to restock, or purchase new garments and having the lead time triple will ultimately cause havoc in terms of inconsistent stock levels and loss of revenue.

You might now be asking yourself- is there any solution other than waiting? No, there isn't. You'll just have to wait for this to get sorted out as it's something no one really has any control over and the impacts of the production line are a small by-product of what's going on.

“our white label service could help you.”

What can you do?

The only thing we could suggest if you needed stock relatively soon and can't afford to wait the increased lead times is speak to us about how our white label service could help you. We have just released our new catalogue which includes the 26 premium, aesthetic blank garments we stock that we can have branded for you in 10 working days; ultimately providing you with an alternative solution to waiting all that time for your production to start back up and with MOQ's starting at 25 units per garment, you can order a small batch of sportswear to "fill the gap" in the time it'll take you to manufacture your bespoke garments again which will reduce the risk of you losing any revenue over this period.

Contact us

If you're interested in receiving a PDF copy of our new white label catalogue then head over to and leave your contact information (name, email and phone number) and one of the team will send across a copy for you which you can check out and reply to the email if you have any particular questions related to the products or services we offer.


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