How We Can Save Your Brand Thousands of Pounds

As a leading clothing manufacturer, we can save your brand thousands of pounds during production. Let's discuss exactly how we do that!
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So, how can we save your brand tonnes of money?

Are you squeezing every penny out of your brand? Do you have to take out loans to keep your brand a-float? Maybe you have just started a clothing brand and want to save money right off the bat. We are here to help.

Starting or maintaining your clothing brand is not cheap. The cost of clothing, equipment, rent and many other factors will drain your accounts quicker than you may imagine. It may seem like a dream to start your own brand, however these factors are a constant and they need to be paid for to get your brand off the ground. While these are needed, there are ways to improve the way your cash flows and reduce the amount you spend to keep your business going. This can include; downsizing or choosing a specific niche but the most important thing that you can change is the clothes manufacturer you are using. This is where we come in.

White2label Manufacturing, as a leading clothing manufacturer wants to help your brand soar without splashing too much of your hard-earned money. Throughout this blog we will lay out three simple ways that we can save your brand thousands of pounds in the hope that you take our advice on board and potentially come into business with us to grow both our brands to new heights. So what are we waiting for? Let's get stuck in.

Flick through our catalogue

Here at White2Label we want you to be confident in what you are purchasing. We also want you to be confident in using our services. Our catalogue is the perfect way to feel confident in both. We offer our customers a look through our catalogue to choose from a bunch of high quality white label clothing pieces, from hoodies to beanies. Our catalogue consists of over 70 fashion-forward white label designs for you to choose from to use to present your brand.

The catalogue itself is of very high quality and is presented very professionally. This presentation will make you feel at ease with the products and our work. Being able to look through a catalogue at all of the products we offer is great to start out for your brand. You can take your time to choose which products will work best for your brand's identity.

So, the question is - how does this catalogue help save your brand thousands of pounds? It's simple - low MOQs and fast turnaround times not only reduce your overall unit cost, but also decreases opportunity cost (the lost opportunity of market capitalisation due to long production lead times)

Sampling is important

So, now you have the clothing but will it work when it is in stores? A sample from a clothing manufacturer is an opportunity to see how your branding will look on your selected products from our catalogue before you commit to a full order. Not all UK based clothes manufacturers offer samples but here at White2Label we believe that it is extremely important to sample your products to see if they will work. There is a sense of pride for us and for you that comes with sampling. The chance to see your brand's name/logos on a product for the first time is a great experience. However, sometimes a sample does not look how you thought it would but this is good for your brand and your wallet.

If you receive a sample that you are not happy with or you want to change a logo, it is a good thing. Realising that the sample does not look great can save you hundreds of pounds and IS changeable. Rather than blindly purchasing a whole order's worth of products and then realising it doesn't look good, you can instead use White2Labels sampling service to make changes to one unit until it is right. You do not have to purchase a whole order until you are happy with the sample. It is safe, cost effective and will give you the best version of your product. That is why sampling with White2label is so important.

“We understand that you may not be able, or want, to order hundreds of products.”

Low MOQs

Now for the final, big step. You have scoured through our catalogue, sampled your products to get them just right and now it is finally time to take the plunge and order. At this point you may be worried. Asking yourself questions like; “What if I can't afford to order hundreds of T-shirts?” or “I don't want to order too many, so how many should I order?”, well you don't need to ask yourself those questions anymore thanks to White2Labels low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs).

Here at White2Label, a leading clothing manufacturer in the UK, we understand that you may not be able, or want, to order hundreds of products. Because of this we have set our MOQ at 25 pieces (per style and colour). Having such low MOQs we can save you money on your bulk order compared to other UK manufacturers who only offer MOQs much higher than ours. As a comparison, we offer MOQs that are 1/4 that of our closest UK based manufacturing competitor. This promotes flexibility and sustainability in your orders.

There is no pressure to order into the hundreds and spend thousands of pounds on products that you may not be able to sell. If you are starting out it can be beneficial to try out a small order of 25 to test the market and then increase your order quantity on the next order if everything sells quickly. With White2Labels low MOQs, you can start or sustain your brand by selling as many products in as many styles as you can manage.


So there you have it! Three simple ways that you can save thousands of pounds just by using White2Labels services. While we are still a young company, we believe that our knowhow and skill in the clothing manufacturing sector can help you lift your brand off of the ground. Just by viewing our catalogue, sampling your branded products and utilizing our low and flexible MOQs you can save yourself some dough to put back into the brand or to treat yourself. Both sound like good options to me!


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